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I wanted to start using a GPS while riding this year. I looked into several and I decided to buy the Garmin Legend HCx. I like the size and the ruggedness of the design. I used a RAM mount to securely attach it to the hood of my Sabercat, right next to the speedometer. It is very easy to see in that location and it is protected from the weather. I then started to look into some software that had the snowmobile trails on it. I downloaded and used the free ones that are available online, they all work pretty good. I used the free on on a ride and someone in our group was low in gas, I looked at the GPS and I did not see any gas stations. We still had to use a paper map to find one.

When I got home I looked into the VVMapping software. It looked like it had more details so I called the owner and he sent me the software and a paper book of the trails. When I initially loaded the software into the Garmin desktop software Mapsource, I could immediately see the difference in the detail of these maps. Once you zoom in to the .5 mile range, you will see icons that show food, lodging, gas stations and other points of interest. The next test was a trip. Me and 2 riding buddies went to St. Ignace Michigan for a 3 day trip. We planned on doing 200+ miles a day. I marked the motel so we could find it later and we took off. I have to say that I was very impressed. Every trail was there, you could see the twisties or intersections coming up as you road. The gas station locations were spot on. The whole weekend was great, we didn't have to stop to open up a paper map, we could plot out how far the next stop was and we learned to trust the GPS and the software.

The following weekend I took my wife up to Gaylord Michigan for a ride. We took off from Gaylord towards Frederic and then up to Lovells. That trail was great. We had lunch in Lovells and headed towards Lewiston. The trails immediately went down hill. I came to an intersection of a unplowed seasonal road and I looked down at the GPS, the road went North and ran into another trail, I figured lets try this road instead of the bumps. The road was smooth and fun. We spent the rest of the ride zig zagging between the so-called groomed trails and pipe line roads and seasonal roads, what a blast. The VVMapping software had every road on it and was very accurate.

This is a must have for the snowmobiler who likes to follow the trail and also for getting off the beaten path. I highly recommend this product. Go to their web site and check it for yourself.