Product Reviews

 Below you will find some snowmobiling related products that I have personally used. I will not sugar coat a product if it has a problem, I will contact the manufacturer to discuss any issue that I had with them before I publish my review so they can have the opportunity to look over my findings or to see if perhaps I had a faulty item. Some of these products are from advertisers on my site. I originally chose to ask them to advertise because of their past product reputation, word of mouth, internet forum searching and my past experience with them.

If you would like to have a product reviewed, please feel free to contact me. Product

I contacted Brad Kopecky at the end of last season about doing a snowflap for my site but I did not follow through with him. I decided this year to give him a try. I thought a custom flap with my website logo on it would look good on my snowmobile and it would be good advertising. ...More I decided to dress up my sled this year and I started by looking at pictures that I had found on the internet to see what would look good. I decided that I wanted a lower windshield and I figured that if I went that route I may as well put some handguards on too. I looked at several brands of hand guards and I decided on the PowerMadd design because that had a mirror that would fit on them and looked like they belonged there and not just some after thought....More I wanted to start using a GPS while riding this year. I looked into several and I decided to buy the Garmin Legend HCx. I like the size and the ruggedness of the design. I used a RAM mount to securely attach it to the hood of my Sabercat, right next to the speedometer. It is very easy to see in that location and it is protected from the weather. I then started to look into some software that had the snowmobile trails on it. I downloaded and used the free ones that are available online, they all work pretty good. I used the free on on a ride and someone in our group was low in gas, I looked at the GPS and I did not see any gas stations. We still had to use a paper map to find one. When I got hoem I looked into the VVMapping software......More
Cardo Systems
Over the years I have kicked around getting me a set of communicators for snowmobiling and riding ATV's. I looked at a few different brands and even some homemade ideas on the internet but wasn't thrilled with what I found. I came across Cardo Systems and saw they now have a communication system for snowmobiles. I contacted them and asked a few questions and figured I would give them a try......More