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I decided to dress up my sled this year and I started by looking at pictures that I had found on the internet to see what would look good. I decided that I wanted a lower windshield and I figured that if I went that route I may as well put some hand guards on too. I looked at several brands of hand guards and I decided on the PowerMadd design because that had a mirror that would fit on them and looked like they belonged there and not just some after thought.

I went with the chrome 14.5" windshield, for those who didn't know, PowerMadd owns Cobra windshields. I have a black 2005 Sabercat so it fit the look I was going after. The hand guards are black/silver. The installation of the windshield was very easy, just like putting on a factory one. The hand guards went on just as easy. The aluminum mounting brackets cleared the brake master cylinder and throttle controls with ease. The mounting hardware was good quality and well thought out. The mirrors that I went with are their fold away design. You can fold them down to make more room for you cover when transporting your snowmobile. I am not sure I would have to fold them since they fit very tight to the guards but I figured that I may as well get them just in case. The next test was riding with the new windshield and hand guards. The Cobra windshields have always had a very good design in that they move the air to the sides and over you pretty good. The hand guards deflected the air that did get over the windshield and added some extra warmth (it was below zero when we started out that day and got to 2* F), I had to turn my hot grips down. The mirrors worked good, they do vibrate and shake but that was expected from something that is hung out in the wind at the end of the handlebars. Not having to turn your head to check for others in your group is what I was after and they do the job well.