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I contacted Brad Kopecky at the end of last season about doing a snowflap for my site but I did not follow through with him. I decided this year to give him a try. I thought a custom flap with my website logo on it would look good on my snowmobile and it would be good advertising. We worked through a couple of design concepts, he was very easy to work, and he went to work. I had a certain look in mind, I wanted some pretty good detailing on the edges and I did not want the picture to look cartoonish. He was prompt with getting the snowflap to me with reasonable shipping time.

Upon arrival, I opened the box and I was impressed, the detailing was just like I wanted it. Installation was straight forward, the mount hole locations are indtentations in the plastic that I had to drill out. The material is a lot stiffer than a factory snowflap, I was a bit skeptical of it at first but my wife decided to stress test it the first night out. We returned from a ride and we pulled into the barn and she slid into the back of my sled and speared my nice new flap, it had been on for only 2 hours. It shoved the flap up into and on the track. I figured it was all done. I pulled the flap out and it was still in one piece and zero damage. Overall I am very happy and impressed with the snowflap that Brad has come up with. If you want to be different, stand out in a crowd or do some advertising for your business, I highly recommend you contact Brad for a new snowflap today.