Thursday, January 29, 2009

First ride of 2009

Well I know that I was a slacker last season and stopped posting in January, maybe this year I will be better.

I went up with pretty much the same group as the last post. We went to St. Helen for a one day ride. We took off Saturday night, sort of, my trailer decided to break a ground wire and get a flat before we even left so that made us get off to a late start. Sorry guys, it won't happen again.

Once on our way all was well. We picked up some beverages once in St. Helen and made it to the house. Greg, Steve and Jonathan had to do some work on their sleds. Greg had a little crossing the tracks issue on his last ride so he had to reset the toe and replace a hand guard bracket. Steve had an issue with his ring gear for his electric start. It came loose for the second time so he was checking that stuff over. Jonathan had to replace some fouled plugs.

We got up Sunday and started our ride, it was cold, around 8 for a high. We made it a whole 10 miles and Jonathan's 2005 Adrenaline had issues. His engine light kept coming on and that was pulling timing. He decided enough was enough so he rode it to a crossing and we headed back to get the truck and trailer. Once loaded we figured that we better eat so we stopped at a restaurant in St. Helen, Hen something. I wish I could remember the name but it was the slowest service I think I have ever had. The food was good but not that good.

The three of us took off again for a ride and Jonathan headed to Houghton Lake to get the codes pulled. Greg, Steve and I head towards Lewiston. For the most part the trails were good, they was one section that was terrible. Hadn't been groomed in days.

Once past that section is wasn't too bad. The snow was silty feeling which made extra snow dust and made your sled handle looser. Steve found out how loose when he got lost in Greg and my snow dust coming into a very poorly marked corner and put the Renegade up on its side. Luckily he did not get hurt and the sled survived. We do ride kind of like psycho idiots most of the time so sooner or later we will all make an error, hopefully nothing serious. We did have the usual issues with people not wanting to be passed, if you have people come up behind your group and you see them, let them go by. We had a couple of new Phazers in front of me, the rear guy was clueless, he didn't bother looking back and was all over the trail. The lead clown saw me and thought the would get all racy, want a joke, pull the 80 hp thing off to the side and let the faster guys go by. I am sorry if it hurts your pride but try to be courteous. Fast guys get reamed out all the time online for riding fast or being dangerous. By you playing blocker or just being an idiot is worse in my opionion. Why should I have to ride slow just because you are. Pick up tthe pace or move over, it not that hard to figure out.

So overall it was a good day, we out 160 miles on and made it home at a reasonable time. We did 140 of it in less than 4 1/2 hours, not bad considering the one bad section. I hope to get up there again soon. I have been using the VV Mapping software for my Garmin GPS and I must say that I am still very impressed. It had every trail, back road, gas stop and fire road that I crossed. It even showed you how to get out of the sad town of Roscommon. Its hard to believe that a town in the Northerm Lower can afford to be so unfriendly and unaccomodating to snowmobilers in this day and age. The local chamber of commerce should be up in arms and do something about it.

Well until next time, be safe and sober and have fun.


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